About Us

The Art of British Song (TABS) supports a variety of projects connected with the dissemination of British song. Some examples of our recent activity can be viewed here on the 'TABS in Action' page.

TABS is unusual among arts' organisations in that it is not associated any specific artist, place, venue, or event.

Rather, we seek to support a purely musical vision, one which can be manifested in any number of ways - live performance, workshops, education, recording, writing, lectures, video, composition... - quite literally anything which orbits around the central practice of singing in this country today.

And given the almost unfathomable diversity of what constitutes a ‘song’ in 21st century Britain, it can also encompass any musical style, genre or practice.

TABS can perhaps be best described as a 'facilitator', encouraging involvement and interest in British song from across all aspects of the musical spectrum. Although we will seek to produce our own events, we will also operate a good deal ‘behind the scenes’ - by so doing we hope to activate a broader base of support for our ideas and so increase their reach and effectiveness.

To help us on this journey, please click here to learn more about our membership scheme, the TABS Collective.