TABS Collective

Anyone is welcome to join the TABS Collective. By becoming a member you will not only be supporting the recognition and future development of British song, but benefit from lots of opportunities to learn more about this repertoire, as well as in the following practical ways:

You will receive 'The Song' - a bi-annual newsletter, exclusive to TABS Collective members, outlining news and activities in the field, enlarging on some aspect of British song such as the profile of a composer or a particular composition, as well as suggesting ideas for maximising your listening experience and introducing other ways of exploring the genre.

You will receive complimentary copies of all CDs produced under the TABS banner - this includes the ambitious three-CD project, ‘100 Years of British Song’, recording works from pre-WWI to the present day for the distinguished label SOMM Recordings, performed by James Gilchrist and Nathan Williamson.

You will receive priority booking for TABS events - our first programme of events was the ‘Salon Recital' series, which staged recitals of British song in exclusive venues in London, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire during summer 2022. Click here to discover more...

You will receive notice of associated events - this would include notice of upcoming concerts and recordings also highlighting British song, often with offers of free or discounted tickets/CDs. Click here to learn more about 'TABS in Action'...

You will have the opportunity to access exclusive online content - examples have included recording clips, interviews, or round table discussions of particular interest in the field of British song.

Individuals can subscribe on a monthly, annual or one-off lifetime basis. Please click here to learn more and join us today!

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Thank you

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has already pledged their support to TABS.

The organisation's initial launch was generously funded by sixteen ‘Founding Patrons’, to whom we have been delighted to offer lifetime membership of the TABS Collective.

Since launch we have been delighted to welcome several further members to the TABS Collective scheme.

Our sincere thanks also to those who subscribed to our initial CD project '100 years of British Song'.

Click here to learn more, and join the TABS Collective today.

Founding Patrons

Peter and Brenda Berners-Price

Sir Winfried Bischoff

Dr. Alexander and Mrs. Briony Gimson

Lucinda Holmes

The Earl and Countess Howe

Mr. Andrew Knowles

The Catherine Lewis Foundation

Anthony and Jenny Newhouse

Charlie and Avril Payne

Nick Evans and Pippa Stobbs

James and Emmeline Winterbotham

as well as others who wish to remain anonymous

TABS Collective Members

Bill Connor

Judy Corkill

J. M. Franklin

Michael Fowle

Caroline Grieve

Stephen Oliver

Michael Robinson

Michael Ross

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Strachan

Donald Sturrock

Thomas Walton

John and Jean Walton

Subscribers to 100 Years of British Song

Wol Balston

R. & J. Barclay

John Bennett

James Bergeron

Judy Booth

Anthony Boswood

Robert Bottone

Tony and Marie Brear

Stephen Brearley

Diana Burrell

Simon and Hilary Carrington

Judy Corkill

Mrs. C. Dunn

Penny Ewles-Bergeron

Bridget Falconer-Salkeld, widow of Robert Salkeld

Liz Fivet, and in memory of Edmond Fivet

Robert Gilchrist

Phillida Gili

Julian Hall

John Hawkins

Valerie Hazell

Dr. Nicholas Hopkinson

John LeGrove

Tim Light

In Memory of Philip James Morris, who loved music and his family

Richard Morris

John Mosesson

Sam and Megan Newhouse

Stephen Oliver

David Peddy

Ken and Sue Powell

Richard Rastall

John Sacks

Michael Shorrock

Fiona Smith, in memory of Julian Smith

Shirley Smith

Charlotte Stevenson

Christopher Stewart-Smith

Bill and Pirjo Strachan

Henry Thompson

John and Margaret Turner

Jenni Wake-Walker

Gerald Wakelin & Ivor Samuels

as well as others who wish to remain anonymous