TABS Collective

Membership of TABS Collective will be akin to a club or network. Anyone is welcome to join who wishes to support the art of British song by encouraging and enjoying its performance, and by learning more about it.

Individuals will subscribe for membership on a monthly or annual basis.

Through joining TABS Collective, members will not only be helping to fund the future development and recognition of British song, but will also benefit in a number of practical ways...

You will receive ‘The Song’. A bi-annual newsletter, exclusive to TABS members, outlining news and activities in the field, and enlarging on some musical or historical aspect of British song such as the profiling of a composer or a particular work. It will also suggest ideas for maximising your listening experience and introduce other ways of exploring the genre and its background.

You will receive complimentary copies of all CDs produced under the TABS banner. In particular, this will include the ambitious three-CD project ‘100 Years of British Song’, recording works from pre-WWI to the present day for the distinguished label SOMM Recordings, performed by James Gilchrist and Nathan Williamson.

You will receive priority invitations to the proposed Salon Recitals. This ‘Salon’ series will be held in attractive locations, often with accompanying reception and refreshments thereby also serving as an excellent opportunity to bring guests to experience the art of British song.

You will receive notice of associated events. This would include notice of upcoming concerts and recordings also highlighting British song, often with offers of free or discounted tickets/CDs.

You will have the opportunity to access exclusive online content. Shared via email, this would alert you to recording clips, interviews, or round table discussions of particular interest in the field of British song.

You will be invited to join the annual TABS webinar and engage with the TABS principals.

We do hope that the above opportunities will encourage you to join us as a Member of TABS Collective, and experience the enjoyment of British song with like-minded supporters.

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